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Being alone in the programming world is really bad.

So this will be a post about my personal experience, about what it's like to be alone as a programmer.

So first, by alone I don't mean being alone as a person, not having friends, family or anything.

What I mean is coding alone everytime, not having any other programmers around you, not knowing other programmers, who you could discuss programming related topics with.

And unfortunately, my situation is like that as well, since I have no job yet, and I code at home alone. And here are some reasons why it is really bad.

1. Can't ask anyone for help

This is probably the worst part of it. Whenever I'm either stuck with a bug, or simply can't figure out how to solve something, I can never ask anyone for help directly. Sure I can ask a question maybe here, or mainly Stack Overflow, but that's just not the same. Even if I get an actual response, that won't happen immediately. And it's also not the same as discussing the code in person and real time.

So many times I can't solve something, it either takes more time to solve it, or I'm forced to do it in another way, which would work, but the quality of the code wouldn't be as good.

2. Can't discuss code with anyone

I kind of mentioned it above, but I thought this should be another point too.

This is also a big problem. Even if I have a working piece of code, I can't discuss it with anyone, like how it could be improved yet. If I come up with an alternative solution for something, I also can't ask for the opinion of another programmer.

3. I don't get any feedback

This one is just as bad as the previous one.
For more experienced programmers, like seniors, it's probably not as important to get feedbacks on their works and code as often as possible, since they are already well aware of their skills and capabilities as a programmer.

But for juniors like myself, it is very important to get constant feedback on our work and code, either a good or bad one.

Everytime I code something I'm actually proud of, it feels really bad that I can't brag about it to anyone, can't show it off, to get any kind of feedback, or praise. But in fact, it would feel really good if someone sometimes just said "good job"/"great code", etc.

It would also be great if someone would correct my stupid mistakes, tell me if I needlessly over complicated the code, thus constantly learning new things.

So without any feedback, everytime I write a code I believe to be good, I feel like this

Alt Text

4. Learning is much slower

And as I mentioned above, since no-one can correct stupid codes, mistakes, I won't know they are actually bad, and won't learn anything new. I won't know the better way to do something.

Maybe the way I coded XY thing is really terrible, but being a beginner, how would I know?

And there is no-one who would come up to me and say "what a terrible code"

Alt Text

Yes it would be harsh, and would probably make me feel bad at first, but hey, reality often hurts.

Of course it's not a good practice to scold a junior like this when s/he's still new to the job, but eventually it's necessary sometimes in my opinion(only if there's a reason for it).

5. It's more difficult to understand something new

Whenever I encounter something new, like a piece of code, obviously I'm trying to understand it, but many time so would fail, and just give up. And that's bad.

In cases like this, it would be really great if there was someone I could ask "hey, what does this code block do? I just can't understand it"

That's all I think

I really just shared my thoughts and experiences. Thanks for reading!

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krkd profile image

Those are very good points that reflect an unfortunate reality for me as well, made worse by the fact that I'm not a programmer interested in programming, with a professional circle of security people and a social circle that is entirely non-technical. Another important thing that you don't address is the social aspect of it all.

I'm not talking about the points that you already mentioned, such as a lack of feedback or slower learning, but the purely social aspect of it - to put it blunt, the lack of shitposting. If you're stuck with a frustrating problem or having a bad day just chatting with like-minded people about this and that is a good way to relief some of the negative feelings . That, combined with seeing other people working on their projects, can be a tremendous boost for your own progress.

To end this comment on a more positive note: From my experience with communities existing around a specific topics you are interested in, DEV being an example, you eventually make these social connections on your own. You meet the same people in the comments, follow them on social media and more often than not you'll end up in a group chat that you regularly hang out in. Luckily the problem you describe is one that tends to solve itself to some extent.

kyokidg profile image
George Brata

There are tons of communities on the internet with like-minded people you can connect with. I'll (shamelessly) plug my Javascript Shitposting community here, you are welcome to join anytime:

ghadir31 profile image

That's exactly what I am going through. No one to look at my code and tell me why it's good/bad, and no one to ask for help when I am learning something new. I have to learn something new now and I just feel so overwhelmed because I keep on having to learn. I guess it's part of being a programmer, but having something who knows how to already do this would make it so much easier.

omaryehia profile image

man you explained what I feel, thank you

juancarlospaco profile image
Juan Carlos

Theres always online communities, that you can get into.

Or you can just start one!, I started a Nim community, and I was already on Python one.

nkratzmeyer profile image
Nathan Kratzmeyer

Same boat here. :( I can't wait to get a job with a team of other developers that I can talk to and learn from.