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Krzysztof Żuraw
Krzysztof Żuraw

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What I learned by adding webmentions to my blog

I’ve recently added webmentions to my blog.By using them you can get reactions/comments from e.g Twitter into your site. In such a way you are at least one step further in owning your content - especially one that youpost on social media. You can read more about all IndieWeb movement here. Below are a couple of points that I learned from adding webmetions to my website:

  • I’m really grateful for tutorials made by Knut Melværand Sung codes - without them,it will take me a lot longer to add webmentions. If you need tutorials on how to add webmentions to your blog - I totally can recommend those. The rest of the points assume that you read those two tutorials
  • When you need to validate your microformats - you can use netlify deployment previews instead of deploying and checking it every time on the production website as I did
  • You need to somehow filter webmentions to get the right ones for the blog - I recommend youfollow advice from hereand add full url + slug to your gatsby context. You may avoid frustration on filtering and thinkingthat you are smart than the others - you aren’t
  • If you happen to try figure out what are all possible values of wmProperty - please ping me as Idid not yet found documentation for that so right now only mentions from twitter are being shownon my site - maybe this blog post will trigger other so I can test them 😃
  • Querying for webMentionEntry isn’t the same as querying for allWebMentionEntry and then filtering the results. The first one will give you only one entry for given url - where the other get all entries that you can use.
  • In the end, two more resources that are worth reading: Static Indieweb pt2: Using Webmentions & Clientside Webmentions

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