Multiple Authentication in laravel 6x

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i have installed laravel default authentication system (using php artisan ui react --auth) which is best for me but i have created different table for user role and make relationship between user and role table and create new table called role_user but i am unable to redirect a different page based on user role in roles table. So, my question is how to redirect pages for different user based on role? I couldn't change the default /home page, in my condition all user role redirected to same /home page.

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the easiest way to do this to use the authenticated event which is fired after the authentication take place.

in you LoginController add

     * @param Request $request
     * @param $user
     * @return RedirectResponse
    protected function authenticated(Request $request, $user)
        if ($user->role === "ADMIN") {
            return redirect('/admin-page');

        return redirect('/user-page');

hey, I had a similar problem and just put an if condition in the handle function of the Middleware/Admin.php file. So something like this:

public function handle($request, Closure $next)

if(auth()->user()->role === "ADMIN") {
return redirect('/Adminpage');
return $next($request);
With that every "ADMIN" will be redirected to the /Adminpage (you still need to correctly implement the route)and everyone else to your default /home page. There for I'm new to Laravel 6 I don't know if that is good or bad practice, but at least it works. Maybe someone more experienced could help us with that but for now, I hope my solution approach helps you :)

happy coding,

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