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Gatsby Develop ERROR #98123 WEBPACK, Generating SSR bundle failed


I'm new to using gatsby and am attempting to follow the tutorial on I have been successful in downloading and setting up node.js, GIT, and installing the Gatsby CLI. The next part of the tutorial gives instructions on how to create a gatsby site using the Hello-world starter. In the Node.js command prompt I complete the following steps:

  1. Run gatsby new hello-world
  2. Run cd hello-world.
  3. Run gatsby develop.

After running gatsby develop I receive the error:


Generating SSR bundle failed

[BABEL] C:\Users\Kelly Snyder\hello-world.cache\develop-static-entry.js: No "exports" main resolved in C:\Users\Kelly Snyder\hello-world\node_modules\@babel\helper-compilation-targets\package.json

File: .cache\develop-static-entry.js

I have no idea what this means or how to fix it, so I was hoping to find some guidance here. Thank you!

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Dominic Freeston • Edited

I was having similar issue and after a bunch of false starts, I've traced my own issue down to using the wrong node version. Run node --version to see which one you have. If it's older than 10 (I was on 6!), it's likely you have the same issue as me and you should be able to run

nvm install 12
nvm use 12
then check you've got the right version with
node --version
before trying
gatsby develop again

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I'm on version 13.10.1, no dice :(

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Dominic Freeston

hmmm, I just tried creating a new project using the command you mentioned in your original post when using node 13 and I'm having the issue, but don't have it when I'm using 12 - have you tried going back to it? I'm not much of a web dev but I've been told previously to use a specific version of node, the newest one isn't always supported (and the gatsby tutorial uses 10)

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Mary Ojo

Dropping this here for anyone else who may face this issue.

One thing I tried that solved mine was "npm audit fix" immediately after "gatsby new ". Some dependencies had some issues and this fixed it.