Thanks for your comment.

Entitlement is an interesting concept. As developers we are spoiled for choice in tools. Elm is competing for mindshare in a flooded landscape. It is a totally weird thing since it (and most of the other tools) are provided for free! However, choosing one of these tools is also an investment with an associated risk. The directions that your tools take can directly affect your projects.

I saw the seeds of unhealthiness (e.g. censorship of disagreement) a while ago. But I mostly kept quiet about them because I figured: "Ah, every place has it's problems." Usually, life has a way of working those things out over time. It didn't seem to affect the practical needs of users, so I was content to participate with Elm in my own way. On this site for example, I have often plugged Elm when people asked about tech choices and made articles about it myself. But the timbre seems to have changed with 0.19. Instead of issues getting better, they are getting more rigid, finding their way into the product, and increasing our risk in using it.

The vision of Elm is one I want to see realized. But how we were getting there was already deleterious to the community. And it only seems to be getting more so. Saying nothing (or saying something in Elm's own forums) does not help to surface the issues. Surfacing the issues is important to overcoming them. Which I sincerely hope Elm does, because it is an amazing product that I genuinely enjoy for creating and maintaining UIs. This whole thing saddens me as well.

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