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First of all, thank you for requesting feedback and proposing to do game dev guides.

I'd welcome pretty much any game dev article. I suppose Unity is of most interest to me because I can use F# with it. But an overview of game engines would be great... and especially the pricing models they use. (Like that tricksy Lumberyard engine disallowing you from using non-AWS cloud providers.)

One of the aspects where I have especially little knowledge is graphics. I could really use an overview of graphics systems. I have ideas for both 2D (card) and 3D games. So it would be helpful to know common tools used to create basic graphics (especially 3D), and how to integrate them into a game. (I am also aware of assets being available on Unity Store.)

I have a basic understanding of ECS. But I could definitely have more knowledge about how ECS shapes game implementation -- what it's like to add or modify a game feature under ECS.


Thanks for the feedback! This is a great set of items and I've added them all to the list 🙂

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