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I've never found a perfect game, but I have found that certain games have a superlative experience in a specific area. For example, there has never been a game I found that scratches the same itch that X3 does. But its user interface and learn-ability are completely abysmal. (X4 is out, but I'm waiting for them to complete it with expansions.)

One that I've been playing a lot lately is Warframe. I played it and got bored with it initially because it is "grindy" and mostly an unguided experience. But the gameplay is fun and eventually it became for me more of a "workbench" game. Where I am presented with a problem in the form of a boss or mission objective or whatever, and I need to select appropriate tools to solve that problem. And discover I don't have the right tools available (warframes, weapons, mods, etc). So I then need to go collect them and upgrade them, etc. And the progress of the game is then about growing your toolkit. I also really respect the developer's history with adapting the game based on feedback. And many of the choices they made encourage cooperative rather than oppositional play. It is pretty crazy to me that the game is free.

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