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Becoming a Software Developer

Wrapping up my fifteen weeks at Flatiron school has left me in a self reflective mood. At the beginning of this journey my instructor recommended writing a letter to ourselves as a form of encouragement. During week fourteen I was desperately in need of a reminder of what I was working towards.

As I was reading through my letter I came upon the section consistently reminding me not to compare myself to others and move through at a pace that fits me. I don't know how my past self knew I would need to hear this in 14 weeks, but here I am sitting at my desk with a new sense of relief. My project is where it is and there is nothing I can do to change that besides continuing to work through my problems.

This program has been amazing for improving my ability to believe in myself. Before starting this program if someone had asked me to open up my terminal I would have stared at them with dumb struck awe. Now I have created multiple full stack web applications and a react native application. It's not just what my instructors have taught me that I will be taking away from this program. The knowledge of knowing that I can learn anything given the right environment and time to do so is such a valuable skill to be bringing into the software development world.

I thought that finishing up this bootcamp would be the beginning of my journey into a new life. Coming closer to the finale has made me realize that I am just going to be continuing my education in a new environment. I am extremely excited, and just a little bit scared, to be moving into the working world of software development and can't wait to see what it has in store!

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