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Discussion on: Who is Speaking On Your Behalf?

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Eric Annan|Cofounder KuBitX|Blockchain Enthusiast

Insightful, thought provoking and humbling piece. The only constant currency is quality relationships and most importantly Integrity backed by powerful congruent at all times.This goes a long way to get someone to vouch for you in Secret places you may have no idea of.
Note, it takes years to build that strong values of sincerity, integrity and honesty, but just a wind can blow it, if not jealously guarded.
I believe, together by been intentional and deliberate we can reconnect the dots and build a magnificent society on the principles of UBUNTU in Africa by holding each when we are climbing the mountain.We have to rewrite the narrative whereby the son of nobody can rise through hardworking, sincerity, honesty and integrity with solid relationships with people. We must eschew meritocracy and entitlements mentality to earn our sit on the table with our output.

Thanks for this great piece.

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Prosper Otemuyiwa Author

I totally agree. We need to, Eric.