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Ankita Kulkarni
Ankita Kulkarni

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6 ways you should show up as a leader during downturn

We have yet again entered an uncertain time πŸ˜₯. This feels way too familiar for most of us since we experienced something similar when the pandemic hit. But we need to be more resilient this time as winter might be coming. As a lead, I have changed my strategies to show up as a leader for my teams and wanted to share them here.πŸ‘‡

Here are 6 ways you should show up as a leader during uncertain times:

Lead with Empathy πŸ€—

As a leader, you need to lean in more to provide support wherever needed. Be more mindful in your 1:1’s and fully present. For example, many people might be anxious; you should try to be there for them and do health checks to ensure they feel supported. πŸ’œ Empathetic leaders bring out the best in their team.

People thrive when they still have the freedom to do the work. 🧑

Additionally, if they focus better on things that can help them stay motivated, do it and be open about it.

Ruthlessly Prioritize πŸ’―

Now is a great time to ruthlessly prioritize and get your teams to focus on things that will significantly impact the business. If you can make investments to help reduce developer hours, then you should do it. You should lean in wherever to unblock the team or your leads to make sure they have the right focus.

Disrupt habits and be mindful πŸš€

This is how we do things. πŸ™ˆ

I want to challenge this πŸ‘†. Now is not the time to go with old habits. Instead, question your moves and challenge yourself if this is how you should still do things. Also, truly understand how you do things and how you can be more effective as a leader. Share your learnings with other leads and also your teams which will truly allow everyone to grow.

Celebrate the small wins ✨

In whatever way you decide to celebrate small wins, please do it! You should celebrate successes and showcase the impact of your team’s work. It might sound corny but being positive and making folks aware of the positive changes and the focus of work is more important now. Additionally, also celebrate learnings and growth πŸͺ΄

Adapt and Lead with Clarity πŸ‘

Be open and transparent with your team but also adapt by zooming πŸ” out and looking at the big picture. Build consistency in your communication. Lean in more and provide that additional context needed. Build a strategy and stay open to feedback. If something isn’t working, pivot as quickly as possible. Your ability to adapt is being put to the test now.

Self Learning ✍️

Be more vulnerable and use other leaders to brainstorm ideas and openly discuss things. But please remember, your mental health is equally important. 🌸

Alone we are weak. Together we are strong πŸ’ͺ

As a leader, it is natural to think about the team before yourself, but it’s also important to prioritize your mental health. Invest time in self-learning πŸ“•, going for walks πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈor whatever you do to ensure you are healthy. Don’t hesitate to be vulnerable with the team as we are humans at the end of the day, and just as we did at the beginning of the pandemic, we will come out the other side more resilient.πŸͺ΄

If you plan to use any of these techniques or have more to share, please comment or tweet about this to share your thoughts! πŸ₯

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