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Building a Serverless Passport OCR in 2LOC

In today's use case, a fictional customer care agent using Slack will initiate a scanned passport request to a prospective customer via email.

Once the customer receives the email, they will be directed to the folder location to place the scanned copy of their passport. The moment the customer places the scanned image of their passport on a S3 bucket, the document will be OCR via Amazon Rekognition and the passport details will be sent back to the customer care agent via Slack channel.

We will be building this lambda using Kumologica (free graphical IDE for lambdas) in around 10 minutes.


We will be developing two integration flows that will be deployed in a single lambda function:

  • Customer’s Passport Request Flow initiated by the agent via Slack, a request will be sent via email to the customer asking for their passport.

Customer's Passport Request Flow

  • Passport OCR: Flow responsible to OCR the passport and send the details to the agent via Slack.

Passport OCR Flow


Follow the development process on the video tutorial below: (duration: 10 mins)


Thanks for reading (or watching the video tutorial). I hope you enjoyed this use case and appreciate how simple is to implement these type of serverless integrations with Kumologica. We would love to hear your feedback, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

To learn more about Kumologica checkout our official documentation at

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