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Customer Support in AI Era

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Have you ever imagined that an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot would eventually replace millions of white-collar jobs? Under the incredible pace of technological advancement, nothing is impossible! Chatbots are now in their prime time to be applied in a wide range of sectors, especially in the field of customer service.

Customer support is the bridge between customers and businesses which is essential to a business as it directly affects the brand image of the company. As expected, the development of customer support is moving towards an era of automation in the 20th century. In the following sections, we will quickly list the functions, merits and possibilities of a chatbot.


The first thing someone might be interested in is, what can a chatbot do?

  1. Respond to Inquiries: A chatbot can automatically respond to specfic inquiries, such as how to use a product, frequently asked questions (FAQ), stocks, etc.

  2. Respond to complaints: If the complaint has a fixed answer, the chatbot can respond to it instead of an operator.

  3. Replace E-mail Inquires: Rather than clicking the typical ‘Inquire’ or ‘Contact Us’ button and filling out a form to send inquiry, you can directly get the information by asking a chatobt.

  4. Flexible switch to Operators: In case the chatbot cannot answer the inquiry or you want to directly talk with an operator, you can choose to contact an operator flexibly.

Why should we use an automated chatbot for customer support?

  1. Raise customer satisfaction: A chatbot can respond to customers 24/7. With quick response to customers, customer satisfaction can be raised and business image is hence improved.
  2. Reduce Cost: It can solve the problem of labour shortage and further cut cost.
  3. Enhance Efficiency: Chatbots can automatically respond to frequently asked questions and complaints which have fixed answers so that more customers can simultaneously be served. As a result, efficiency is enhanced.
  4. Machine Learning: Through interacting with different customers repeatedly, a chatbot can evolve itself into a smarter and more accurate version of itself. Thus, the quality of customer support keeps improving.  


AI chatbots are still in an early stage. Though the accuracy of AI is still far from perfect, the market of AI is developing rapidly and we can expect its evolution in the field of customer support in the future.

For AI, natural language processing is indispensable. With more development, the AI can understand more words, communicate and even become our partner in the near future.

Nowadays, there is no doubt that people and AI will be able to work together to provide better services. Use AI wisely to help your business!

Using chatbots to serve customers is now the trend. It is an iron fact that human power would be gradually replaced by the AI. Kuzen, an AI chatbot which can help you to communicate and engage with your customers across a wide range of different platforms without coding, provides you with intuitive user-interface, a highly-accurate natural language processing engine and can make reports easily with its inbuilt analytics. Let’s grow your business with Kuzen!

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