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kyorohiro (kiyohiro kawamura)
kyorohiro (kiyohiro kawamura)

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Dart x Flutter MokuMoku Live Coding 12/09/2020

I'll make something with Dart and Flutter while doing live coding on 12/09/2020


Live Coding Address

/* I'll create a url for live coding on 12/09/2020.. */

What is mokumoku

For the time being, people who are interested in a certain theme gather and do their own work. Just that.

Event Page For JP


  • Dart x Flutter MokuMoku Live Stream 05/09/2020


Alt Text


Assets Path String into const variable

at regex in vscode

1 "xxxx/yyy/xxx.jpg" -> "xxxx/yyy/xxx.jpg = 'xxxx/yyy/xxx.jpg'"

at following regex expression
$1 = $1

2 "xxxx/yyy/xxx.jpg = 'xxxx/yyy/xxx.jpg'" -> "xxxx_yyy_xxx_jpg = 'xxxx/yyy/xxx.jpg'"

at following regex expression

(.*)\/(.*) = (.*)
$1_$2 = $3
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geenrate assets.dart

const images_food_pizza_slice_fast_jpg = "assets/images/food_pizza_slice_fast.jpg";
const images_food_dim_sum_squid_jpg = "assets/images/food_dim_sum_squid.jpg";
const images_food_chili_cheese_bowls_jpg = "assets/images/food_chili_cheese_bowls.jpg";
const images_flower_orange_calendula_bright_0_jpg = "assets/images/flower_orange_calendula_bright_0.jpg";
const images_food_pasta_tomato_theme_jpg = "assets/images/food_pasta_tomato_theme.jpg";
const images_food_purple_chocolate_dessert_jpg = "assets/images/food_purple_chocolate_dessert.jpg";

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