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Coming back to DEV

So just recently I got this email
Alt Text

which was cool and somewhat bittersweet because my last post was actually in mid-2018. I didn't actually stop posting for any specific reason other than I'm still a university student and I did get into academic research. Since then however, quite a bit has changed (and from what I can see, DEV has also changed quite a lot too.) So as a fun tribute post, I'll be picking out some developments that occurred since my last post.

Right before I stopped, my profile looked like this:
Alt Text
I'm fairly certain this was before you can change the UX of DEV, and before the actual app on the iPhone (both of which are amazing btw, thank you to everyone that made that possible.) A big change is: I'm no longer a mobile researcher anymore! I've actually rotated in research fields quite a bit, testing the waters of wearable technology, natural language processing, and computer vision, with computer vision being my primary focus. I'm still in my undergrad with a year to go before I apply to grad school for my PhD so there's quite some time until then. I actually have not touched Kotlin or anything Android related since then.

The primary thing that has remained consistent throughout my progress is machine learning and finding optimal ways to use machine learning models. This has largely become a big focus for me and it is something I plan on continuing in graduate school. Some fun little achievements I've made in that two year span include:

  • My first conference presentation
  • A few academic posters
  • Experimentation in different fields
  • And a clear long-term goal

The title of this post is "Coming back to DEV" and I mean it in the lightest sense. I'm not sure how often I plan to post but I have been taking up some work to keep me busy during the Stay-Home order which I hope to write about in the near future. Thanks to DEV for keeping the community interesting and reeling me back in with that Two-Year badge :~)

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