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Any of you guys interested in collaborating on project for NGO? Its an organization of amputees which has around 4k members and needs an app to manage them (CRUD operations, parametrised search...later on some reports, charts...even user roles (check out Milestones on GitHub).


I am currently also thinking of making it client-server (although it will be application that runs in LAN, I'll probably make client and server side of it...tomcat or something idk..will see).

Check out
Check out

Feel free to ping me in any way. (easiest is probably here on discord ) Work is completely charity and voluntarily! Have fun.
Thank you in my name and in the name of organization UDAS.


Just a little food for thought. In case you go client-server: have you considered Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA as technologies?
It seems you could get rid of a lot of the queries in your code - it seems to me you'd like to build a basic CRUD application.

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