Who's looking for open source contributors? (May 29 edition)

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Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always. 😄

Posting this on Tuesday instead of Monday due to the US holiday Memorial Day yesterday.


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Shameless plug for github.com/onejgordon/flow-dashboard (flowdash.co). Flow is a habit tracker and personal data analytics app that lets you keep focus on what matters (without owning your data).

Original hacker news thread: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14279515

Been using this app myself for over a year and have seen a growing user-base of others finding value in it. Would welcome any contributors who also find this app personally useful.



I'd like to help,where and how can I start ?


Hi Joy! In the github repo the readme has setup instructions to get things running locally, and the issues list has feature requests / bugs that have been reported. If anything strikes you as interesting to work on (or you have other ideas), feel free to comment / submit a PR!


I’d like to contribute at this project for the docker Image 🤗


Will totally have a look both as a user and as a developer :)


The Idyll project (idyll-lang.org/) is looking for help! The project combines markdown, JavaScript components, and a reactive runtime to make it easier for writers to use the full power of the web to publish interactive stories.

This open source project came out of my research at the University of Washington, where I study Human Computer Interaction and Data Visualization. There are lots of opportunities to contribute, ranging from working on a real-world compiler, to working on our reactive runtime engine (built on top of React), working on a standard library of components, and designing a next-generation authoring tool for the language. We have a small but very friendly community.

The project has been featured on hacker news and other sites multiple times, and so have some of the posts that were created with Idyll: idyll-lang.org/gallery.

Find us on GitHub: github.com/idyll-lang/idyll
And our chatroom: gitter.im/idyll-lang/Lobby

We use JavaScript, node.js, React, D3, and next.js


Qub³d Engine Group is a brand new voxel-based engine and game project, aiming to make a mature and extensible Minecraft-like game, backed by a vibrant and friendly community.

Anyone with interest in or experience with the following technologies are encouraged to join the project. They're just starting up, so there's plenty of room to find your niche.

Current Needs:

Are you interested in helping with any of the following? We're working on building small teams for each sector.

  • Cross-platform C++ compilation w/ Clang and C++. (We especially need help with wrangling our dependencies.)
  • Basic application/library structure work (C++)
  • 3D block rendering (C++/OpenGL)
  • Map generation (C++)
  • Entity system (C++)
  • Voxel storage (C++)
  • UI design (C++/CEGUI)
  • Mod/Server Marketplace prototype (Python/Django)
  • User authentication servers
  • Implementing Agile/Scrum

Team Dynamic:

We are a growing, distributed team of volunteers at varying experience levels, helping and learning from one another. The teams are led by a group of dedicated volunteer leaders, who work together to build a healthy, open, collaborative environment.

Currently, we meet once a week for a DevTalk on Discord, to discuss current project goals and to solve design and logistical problems. We also have a weekly webcast workshop, which covers a wide variety of project management and programming topics.

Tech Stack:

  • C++ (especially C++17)
  • Clang compiler (GCC secondary)
  • OpenGL
  • SDL2
  • Lua
  • Sphinx (documentation)
  • CMake
  • Python/Django (marketplace)
  • Grav (static website)
  • Git (VCS)
  • Phabricator (development platform)

Jump In!

The easiest way to get started is to join the Discord room. Link is on the website: qub3d.org


For anyone interested in digging react and Redux a bit deeper, you may find this project interesting Redux Box , it's been starred 550+ times in last 3-4 months.

PRs are more than welcome, specially for documentation. I would love to join any discussions regarding this too.


Sorry to bother, but isn't the fact that you bring all the stores into a global entity brakes the entire purpose of modules in the first place?

Beside the obvious reasons (global and singleton are bad), the box it is a single point of failure, how can you do the tests of a view (you can inject a module or you have to inject a box and a module?).


Hey Adrian,
Thanks for asking. Redux box uses redux under the hood, as implied by the name itself. So it adheres to all the principles that redux is based upon, the 'single store' being one of them. However, redux doesn't force you to implement your whole store as a single module or single reducer. It's possible to organize your store in the modular fashion, which offers some great advantages:

1) Expressive and organized codebase - For example, you can split your giant e-commerce logic in separate modules like profileModule, searchModule, orderModule, historyModule etc. It just makes a lot more sense than organizing files by types.

2) When you get an error in your actions/sagas/mutations you can figure out the module in the error stack trace.

3) It makes code reusability across platforms easier. For example, if there's module (say profileModule) to be used across web and mobile app, you can use the same module in two apps without any change.

Apart from modularity redux-box offers some other features, like handling immutability (so you can use push, pop, etc in your reducers without causing any side effects), it makes the whole store setup process a breeze, you literally set up the store for your application in less than 10 lines of code etc.


👋 Hey there!

Node.js is currently looking for more help with our Build and LTS groups!

If you've got experience with DevOps, CI/CD, systems, and more we'd ❤️ to have your help with the Build Working Group! If you'd like to just jump in and start helping, that's totally welcome. I'd also be happy to do an intro to the team if you're interested but aren't sure where to jump in 🙌

Here's the link for the Build WG: github.com/nodejs/build

We're also looking to continue adding interested individuals to the team that maintains the LTS (Long Term Support) release lines and ships releases. This work is largely maintained by just a couple individuals, and we'd really like to change that – it's some of the most important work in Node.js. Again, f you'd like to just jump in and start helping, that's totally welcome. I'd also be happy to do an intro to the team if you're interested but aren't sure where to jump in 🙌

Here's the lean to the Release WG, which maintains the LTS release lines:


Hello, Tierney! I was wondering what kind of experience level you're looking for. I have ~5 years of development under my belt, and do immensely enjoy maintaining servers (nothing fancy like Docker yet). Can I help?


Hey, just a clarification: Are there open source opportunities with this project or are you promoting it? Thanks in advance!


Both! Feel free to contribute and I guess at the same time I'm promoting it lol


This blew up on reddit and would love help to get more hidden menus.


Or im looking to start the pwa awards and need help. github.com/pwa-awards


Hey, I love PWAs and would be open to helping if it means showcasing them. I don't have lots of time but can contribute where possible.


Excellent. I will follow you on github and twitter to connect and we can chat in the dms :)


I'm looking to contribute, better suggest some easy ones as this would be first time. :D

  • As Alex Gwartney suggested FreeCodeCamp's guide and stuff on my post it really is helpful and a perfect lead for me.

I am enthusiast and energetic work hard to understand the project. Any lead/information/guidance is helpful.

Also @ben Halpern is always awesome and helpful with his posts and comments on our posts love him.do_create_something_to_tag_the_other_user_in_comments

Oh yeah just tell me the code repo for dev.to I would want to implement that feature to tag someone in comments and let them know through notifications


I created a React tutorial on Github


It needs an update for React 16. Also, some advanced lessons for higher order components and render props/function as children would be cool.


I guess this is a simple project to contribute to.

No production code, just examples, all runs in the browser, explain one concept per page with comments and code.


What you guys think of this repo
I created this repo to help beginners with learning python. I currently adding more stuff.
I would really appreciate if someone can help me write small programming exercises for beginners.
I would really appreciate if someone can offer good advice on this


I'm shamelessly advertising my little project

Simple is a programming language built with C for fun. Mind you it's not the simple that existed as we just discovered there was a language named simple before. We'll be glad if you can look into the repo and contribute in any form . Thanks 🙏


Open to contributing! Kind of new to contributing as well, made contributions in the past but nothing really big.

Also if anyone is interested I have a few personal projects I’m currently working on that are open to contributions

Journalize - your own personalizable online journal github.com/emmanuelobo/journalize

Stat-watch - easy way to keep track of your favorite players stats github.com/EmmanuelObo/stat-watch

Thanks in advance!


Hey, everyone! We have a couple of opensource projects we'd like to tell you about.

One of our flagship products has its free opensource edition, Afterlogic WebMail Lite, fast and easy-to-use webmail client which can work with pretty much any IMAP/SMTP server. It offers built-in addressbook, OpenPGP support, authentication via Google, Facebook, powerful APIs and more.

We also offer Aurora Files, an open-source file storage platform for small teams and personal users. One of its key features is Paranoid Encryption which ensures that, even if someone has full access to the server, they still cannot access your data as decrypting can only be done in your browser.

Both the products are built on top of our Aurora framework and available under AGPLv3 license. We appreciate any feedback and welcome contributors.


Any of you guys interested in collaborating on project for NGO? Its an organization of amputees which has around 4k members and needs an app to manage them (CRUD operations, parametrised search...later on some reports, charts...even user roles (check out Milestones on GitHub).


I am currently also thinking of making it client-server (although it will be application that runs in LAN, I'll probably make client and server side of it...tomcat or something idk..will see).


Check out README.md

Feel free to ping me in any way. (easiest is probably here on discord discord.gg/r366RwJ ) Work is completely charity and voluntarily! Have fun.
Thank you in my name and in the name of organization UDAS.


Just a little food for thought. In case you go client-server: have you considered Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA as technologies?
It seems you could get rid of a lot of the queries in your code - it seems to me you'd like to build a basic CRUD application.


Shameless plug for AutoSpotting, a simple but powerful tool that allows AWS users to save a lot of money by migrating their existing AutoScaling groups to spot instances. It just takes a few minutes and requires no significant configuration changes.

You can read more about the project at github.com/cristim/autospotting or autospotting.org

Any contributions are welcome.


I've very casually been working on a side project: gitlab.com/NullVoxPopuli/emberclear/

It's encrypted p2p chat between you and only people you share your key with.
(very exclusive)

You can visit the deployed site here: emberclear.io.

No logs are kept. No one can see what you're messaging / sharing.


Are you looking to track all your sales at one Place for your Django Project?
Go to this link and demo is also available github.com/MicroPyramid/Django-CRM.

If you need to know more Django open source packages visit github.com/MicroPyramid/


If you are interested in React, GraphQL, Serverless, and Graph Databases I could use some help improving my lunch matching app. github.com/mikestaub/slack-lunch-club


I have started implementing a new library, react-redux-json-api, with the aim of simplifying consuming JSON:API endpoint in React, using my already existing redux-json-api. github.com/redux-json-api/react-re...

Would love contributions in the forms of ideas and code.

Readme contains some sparse ideas, to better understand the scope, I'm highly inspired by Apollo Client apollographql.com/client

There are some benefits for particular applications, to use redux-json-api over a GraphQL structure though, e.g. optimizing how many resources are stored in redux (because resources are never duplicate) and support for all the great JSON:API features, like pagination.


The TurboGears project github.com/TurboGears/tg2 has been one of the most used Python Web Framework for nearly 10 years, used in big projects like Sourceforge.net and Fedora.

You can find some good info related to TurboGears at fullstackpython.com/turbogears.html

It's currently nearly a one man effort. So anyone interested in working on an OpenSource Web Framework is welcome at contributing any idea or improvement, from documentation, bug fixes or minor and major features.

The framework recently underwent a major rewrite of its configuration system and a lot of effort is being invested in updating the documentation accordingly.


We're looking for contributors for our open source project Flyimg: github.com/flyimg/flyimg

I created a post about it (dev.to/sadok/flyimg-dockerized-php...) and we really appreciate any feedback.


We wrote an open source guide on running contribution sprints. I'd love feedback and contributions.

I fell into event management through my involvement in open source. You can fumble along so far until it snowballs into much bigger events. There are many details to be ironed out especially for coordinating contribution events.

I've gathered as much as I could through my own experience and research in the communities I'm involved in. I'd love to sanity check what we published. Feedback greatly appreciated!


Anonydog: a github bot with a focus on diversity and inclusion in open source. It anonymizes your drive-by PRs and lets you measure when you're being judged by who you are and not by your contributions.

Tech: Ruby (Sinatra) and JavaScript (for browser extensions).


Two quick things:

  1. Gilliam - personal project. It's a small, embeddable website widget that I am working on for fun and my own edification in technologies I don't often work with. I'm open to suggestions on the frontend and I'm still gradually working out backend logic (not much there yet).
  2. Heupr - team project. My co-creator and I are consider potentially open sourcing this project which is written in Go and utilizes several machine learning concepts and we were curious as to whether there is any interest in this community to help build/maintain it.

Just let me know! : )


Android developers, have you ever thought about downloading and loading .aar libraries at runtime?

I'll leave this link in here github.com/artyomd/injector