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Are you excited to go to work tomorrow? I am

The easiest way to get excited about your job is to talk about what you do. And the best way to do that is to explain them rather than just tell them.

Most people when they tell others what they do, they go something like this: "I'm an engineer", "I work in IT", "I build mobile apps", "I do DevOps", and so on...

While this is technically accurate doesn't tell anything relevant and doesn't spark enthusiasm on what you actually do.

Try changing your description to something more explicit about what you do, who do it for and how it helps those people.

When doing that, you will notice that understanding and telling the story time and time again will help you in different ways:

  • It will keep you focused on what you need to do
  • It will help you prioritize tasks
  • It will help you prioritize learning
  • It will help you understand your end-users
  • It will help you build better relationships with them.
  • It will help your thought process
  • It will help you imagine new ways to achieve those goals


  • They will understand how you can help them
  • They will remember you
  • They will want to work with you, or at least learn more about what you do

Here is an example of how I did it:

"I'm a Junior CRM Developer"

"Using CRM, I provide every revenue-generating person in the business with the information they need, at the time they need it, to close another deal"

You will find this works equally good for both job hunting and when looking for clients for your business.

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