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re: I do a bunch of conference speaking myself, but I've only done 1 keynote so I'd love to pick your brain a little on how you do yours: What's your p...

Hi E! :)

I usually work on my keynote talks with the organizers but make sure it's a big enough idea that is relevant to the entire conference.

I used to reach out to conferences but now they just reach out to me.

I choose my topics based on what I'm excited about - the only way to choose talks.

Well... I go to very targeted confs so I usually apply what I'm talking about to the actual technology.

If I find a product or project amazing, then I'll talk about it! :)

I try to spend about 20-30% of my time on learning new tech or working on talks and speaking. I just block it off bc it's important to me - though I should do this with working out too dangit !:)

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