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What Python is Used For?

Python is a general-purpose programming language and it can be used for lots of things, in this article, we're going to dig into those.

So today we are talking all about python, python is a great language that can be used for all kinds of things. Now let's get into the things that Python is used for most.

The first thing that Python is used for more than like anything else in web development I remember I heard about Python and on over the years for all kinds of stuff mostly in like the Linux world for a long time is a very geeky little language but over time it has morphed into a very broadly wonderfully widely used language and a big part of that is the Django framework.

Web development over time has gotten more and more popular. It's like one of those graphs that goes up into the right and I don't know if it just went up into the right eye. so, web development has gotten really big and many years ago it was dominated by PHP but a couple of guys who were in the journalism world who had to do a lot with content management got sick and tired of PHP and some of the ugliness that happened there in terms of code and and they found Python which is lot better.

Django is not the only web development framework there are some other really popular ones like a flas are also there. Many years ago when Google started their cloud sort of initiatives with App Engine their first real sort of blessed language was like Python and they had this thing called web Pi. I think it was called looked up high was this really simple small web Python framework thing that ran an app engine.

It was a lot of fun for like, anyway so as far as web development I know a lot of Python code is written inside of places like Google for web stuff.

Next is Data science it is an area that has really exploded in popularity as data has exploded literally like the amount of data people are collecting now is phenomenal but what do you do with it, well there's a lot of Python libraries around math and computation and data analysis that make it easy and fast so I think there's one well I don't even know all the names,but it's big and if you're in data science you probably know Python or will at some point have to learn Python.

Finance - Because of the computation side of things and the broad applicability financial companies tend to use Python and it's becoming a much more popular thing especially inside of some big banks. I believe maybe Bank of America and some other ones I don't know I don't work with banks but from what I understand, Python is used quite a bit over there.

Desktop GUI
GUI graphical user, interface stuff, and when I say desktop I mean like traditional desktops like Macs and PCs and Windows Linux. there are a lot of programs, that end up getting built with Python, a lot of the programs like blender and GIMP some of these open-source projects have been using Python for scripting for a very long time and so there's kind of that whole side of things where Python at various points has been used for as like a scripting language

There's a lot of really good use for Python in the space of writing likes like scripts that you run locally,maybe taking a bunch of data from one API source doing some stuff with it copying it over something else or all kinds of stuff like that, Python can be great for that.

There's a lot of places like that that are just fun, they're not necessarily the best choice they're not necessarily the first choice but they're fun they're easy they're nice you can do a lot of cool stuff with them and pythons the nice language to work with.

I would say in general python is a general-purpose language could be used for just about anything that doesn't mean it's going to be the best choice for certain things but that doesn't matter because at a certain point if you like Python and you have something you want to build just go build it and have fun with it because Python is a fun language, it's a great language and it's the kind of thing that if you have an idea you can probably make it real with Python and to me making your ideas and dreams real with code is probably the best use of any programming language.

If you want to learn Python and looking for some free udemy resources then have a look at these list of free python courses.

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