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How much does it cost to make a website?

Creating a site seems the easiest thing when you think about it. You imagine it, like: “well, all I need is a few pages, info, contact form”. Then you start to think over design, usability, functionality, texts, how the clients will be connecting with you, where to get the hosting and many other things. How to choose an agency for such a task? How to make your site popular? How to put enough SEO-keys but avoid blocking by Google? How do deal with that all, finally? Do not go mad too early and read the next long but useful story. We will tell you everything you need to know. We hope that the next info will help you to understand next things: where and why you have to spend your money, how to make it effectively and what is a total cost to build a website.

Step-by-step Cost to Build a Website

As you see, to understand, what is professional website cost, you need to make sure what type of it you need, choose an agency by country. While you start working with a team of developers, you discuss what structure should be, and what pages to include and how. Let us just see, what else components you are paying for when ordering a website.

UI/UX Design

User Interface and User Experience are critically important when it comes to site usability. The first term is about a view of pages, a color of buttons, and the general composition. The second thing is about the way that the user discovers the pages and how he perceives the content. Is it easy and comfortable in use? Is it simple to buy a product and enter a delivery address?

Everything is important here. UI/UX design does have a sense almost for every site you want to have. To say more, statistics show that:

  • 40% of users admitted that they avoid using sites that do not have a clear structure.
  • 94% of users leave websites with bad design.
  • 67% of users buy items using their smartphones that is why mobile websites have more sense in existing than any desktop versions.

That is why the custom design should be the perfect fit for every mobile phone, PC and tablet. It must be functional, nice and modern, created according to trends. However, the design must be done from scratch – in this case, you know that you look unique and different from your market competitors.

Database Integration

A long time ago, when you needed some info on your site, you needed to include it to the page code. Now we already have different databases that can be storage for a big amount of data. There is also an additional important function: you can also work with this data. For example, all the items and other info of e-commerce shop is located on the database, and goes to the site out there. When you want to change it, like correct the price or other specification, you can do it faster and easier, cheaper on the database. One single storage accommodates a big amount of data inside.

Of course, there are little chances you know what bases to use, and that’s where we are here for you again. Our experience shows that the best choices are PostgreSQL, MySQL / MariaDB, MongoDB, and Redis. We are good at using those databases and can guarantee fast implementing of them to your site.

Front-End Development

Front-End Development, as you can guess, is about the front side of your site, design, and interface. Good coding defines how you see the site and how it works if it downloads easy and has a good structure. It requires using HTML and CSS, Javascript and many its libraries. A good developer always knows how to make a site structured, perfect looking, and not hard in downloading. To make it all good, it is very important to have good Back-End development on the other side.

Back-End Development

Back-End development is a server part of the product. It is everything you do not see, when you visit a site, like invisible magic that happens while you use Front-End part. The Back-End is in charge of actions when you touch the button and some command goes to the server, receives the answer to your request, and gets back to give it to Front-End part and you. It works thanks to different programming languages: Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, and others. We use for web development NodeJS, PHP and Python.


When the site is ready, the coding seems good, it looks nice by design, and everything comes to QA or testing. QA specialist checks the functionality and logic of the site. If there are some problems and bugs, QA specialist gets to the bottom of the situation and finds the probable solutions.

This process repeats until everything works perfectly. Only after all the revisions, the site is ready for presentation. We do it like that – check everything until it works, as it has to be. That’s why we say that it’s better to wait a little longer than get a raw product.

Additional Website Creation Costs

We understand better these web development service costs, if we see how many people involved in the process: two types of developers, designers, QA specialists, project managers, and other staff. It takes many resources to create a good product that will work perfectly and have the best look. Again, there are additional components of success for your future product. Let us see, what we also need and what to include to site costing.

Domain Name

Domain name is simply the name of your site. For example, www.applepie or something like that. You need to buy a domain name and register it. Of course, it is better to choose a name that is easy to remember or just the title of your company (thanks, captain obviosity). To have a domain name, first, you check if it is available (there are special services). Then, if it is open, you can buy it. Of course, we can do it for you – that will be much easier, as we know, where to find the best offers.


When you enter your site, you don`t think where all the content you see is located. It is not invisible – data is located on one of the servers around the Globe. They exist physically and must be very reliable to provide access to your site anytime. Hosting is not free – you have to pay a company that owns it. You need to take a domain for rent, and the bigger your site is, the more resources are needed.

There are different types of hosting that exist for different project types. For example, the simplest and cheapest type is virtual hosting. You can choose him for a small site, landing page or little e-commerce shop.

How does it look? One server is divided between tens or thousands of sites. It is like a big house with many flats, which have communications in common. However, if one flat takes a big amount of resources, others will suffer because of it. That is why a provider gives some amount of “power” to every site located on one server. This type of hosting is the best choice for small projects because they just do not need anything bigger and expensive.

The second type is a virtual server. A few owners share one physical server, but they are independent of each other. It is as you have a cottage – you are more independent, but still, have something in common with your neighbors. This type of hosting is the best fit for forums, business sites or middle e-commerce shop.

Next type is a dedicated server. In this type of hosting, you own a whole server, and your capabilities are limited only by its power. You do not share a server with others. Imagine having your own house – the land is yours, the house too, neighbors are far away. Such type of hosting is preferable for big online shops, social media sites, big projects that take many resources.

In addition, the last but not least is cloud hosting. In this case, you are paying not for a physical space, but only for used resources, and your data is located on different spaces and servers. Sounds strange, but this type of hosting is good. Why? If your site becomes bigger, and you need more power, you can take it from different servers and take the best from them. You are not dependent on one server and can transfer within a few of them.

If you do not know, what to choose, we are always here for you! We can analyze, estimate your needs and choose the best variant according to the usage of resources, so the cost to run a website will be rational.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificate is required for saving personal information of users. Even if you do not sell anything, you need it to be able to ask for your user’s e-mail in a safe way. SSL-certificate makes connection secured on the way when you sent personal data to the server.

How does it work? An SSL-certificate encrypts user`s info that he enters on your site, send it in that view to the server. Only when the info will get there, it will be encrypted again to normal view.

There are also different ways to get an SLL certificate. The easiest – by checking your domain rights. All you need to do – to prove your ownership of the domain. For example, you can get a special letter on e-mail, fixed on the domain and prove your rights by following the instructions in it. It takes 20 minutes, and this type of getting an SSL-certificate is the best fit for small projects, blogs, and single pages with a form for taking orders etc.

The next and more serious way of getting an SSL certificate – to prove your company as a really existing. You need to give official documents from your company. This way is best fit for middle projects like forums, online shops, and educational platforms. Extended check for getting SSL-certificate is created for serious projects like official sites for big companies, state organizations etc. After purchasing, a certification center will check your accommodation, contact info, state registration, and business rights.

However, with such type of certificate, you see a green line when entering a site and that means that you deserve user’s trust. This type of SSL is only for legal entities. What else? In addition, you need to know that there are a few types of safety. It depends on the number of domains or servers you need to protect. If your clients enter personal info only on the one page, it needs protection for one domain.

A few domain protection is needed if you have a few sites. Accordingly, if you have one site located on different domains, you will need the SSL certificate for a domain and sub-domains. Be attentive with such things – when it comes to the professional site, yours and your user’s security are critically important.


Have already launched your site? Here we go again – you have to watch after the site from the beginning and check from time to time if everything works, if it is responsive, easy to use, how it looks for customers. There is a big chance that you will try to make it better and add some functionality.

However, everything we went through previously is about a site creation, but not about the filling of it. Here comes the copywriters, content managers, designers, who have to make materials, fill the site and develop it. Customer support is also required, it is about the people who receive letters, requests, and orders, answer all the questions.

It is not enough to start – it is more important to support your site all the time. Even if you wake up in the 6 a.m. and receive the message “the site doesn’t work”, you have to handle it as fast as you can. That is why you have to choose good specialists to support and develop your site as a presentation of your business.

The Cost to Create a Website for a Business

A website for a Business is needed for creating an online presence, the face of a brand in an online world, and the last but not least, for increasing sales. Therefore, you need to have a good design, all the needed information, and an ability to connect with your customers online. The structure of a business site is next: the main page with attractive texts, page “About us”, prices, services descriptions, contacts, pop-up form for connection with you.

Additionally, you can add on the site your items for sale, but it will become an e-commerce platform. When we speak about business, it is important to make the site enough informative but not overloaded. The business websites cost is high, but it gives you big opportunities to develop your online brand. Approximate cost for this product starts from 10K dollars.

E-commerce Website Cost

Even the basic e-commerce site must be powerful, ready for many customers at one time and work perfectly 24 hours per day, always. Then, the more products for sale you have, the more considered by structure it should be. It has to be easy for your typical customer to find a product he needs and buy it in a few clicks. High downloading speed also required – be ready to improve your site regularly, make it faster and easier to interact with users.

To sell more, you need to work with SEO, keep the interface simple and nice, add different types of payment, and use marketing activities. Your additional needs – integration with CRM, an accounting system to make the processes of management clear. E-commerce platform is expensive enough, but worth it as it gives endless opportunities in online sales. A cost of building a website for an online shop is from 20K dollars if you want a great working product.

Landing Page Cost

Landing Page is the best fit if you need to promote one service or product. A single page with attractive design helps to make a big focus on your main service and effectively sell it. You can engage potential customers via social media, making a redirection to your landing page, use an advertisement.

Good landing page requires selling information about the product, good photos, contacts, and a pleasant view. It gives all the needed content in short and laconic form. The structure includes a pretty image with a slogan, a number of pluses for your product, price list, where-to-buy info and sometimes – reviews. The site price is not as high – nearly to 5-10 K, depends on your wishes and goals, the time we spent for work.

Cost to Build a Website in Different Countries

The price of your future website highly depends on the type of product, but it also matters where you get it. For example, the prices in the USA or Great Britain are much higher, than in Europe. Then, you will have to pay more if the company is located in France, Spain or other countries. The pricing highly depends on where the agency is located.

What about the qualification of developers? Here is not the same situation – in most cases, developers work on a higher level in Ukraine than in other countries, and it does not matter that they earn less. If you choose some agency in Ukraine or nearest countries, the price to build a website can be a little lower, but not cheap. The reason is that IT companies in Ukraine provide services for the global market, as they have talented and hungry for studying specialists.

In addition, they develop and grow very fast and create high-quality products so you can get the best project for a reasonable price. Of course, you can hire a very cheap agency. But what if you have to pay twice? First, you get a low-quality product, then you looking for a new agency to correct all the bugs.

Finally, you will spend too many resources and time on it but get the typical result. In addition, the one thing you also need to know is that most agencies work by hourly rates. If you want to cooperate with such an agency, you will get the estimation with specified prices for all the stages of website development. How does it work? We will tell you.

How to Promote Your Newly Created Website?

Imagine you have created a site, but what is the point if no one knows about it? You just cannot avoid a promotion part if you want to make your online presence successful, effective and profitable. In the modern online world, there are few tools for promotion: PPC, SEO, copywriting and SMM.

Social media marketing is more preferable and popular for the time being, but still, there is a big need to use all the tools and channels, because they work together. These channels create the face of your brand and make you popular. So, let us look at these marketing tools closely to understand how it increases websites prices.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click is a type of advertisement when you create some banners, videos, texts, other types of content and share it on different sites or Google search results. This type of advertisement is good for promotion instead of social media.

Also, the good news is that you pay a fee only when the user clicks on your advertisement. That helps to spend the budget rationally and see where the promotion works better. To know that, you can use Google Ads - one of the most recognized tools, which is necessarily used in general marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization helps to rank your site better in search results. If it is too many sites with the same content or business as yours, you necessarily need to use SEO. SEO specialists help to get visitors, conversions, work with all the content, including texts to make your site popular, preferable to Google. Thanks to different tools you will know, how popular your site is, how the users discover different pages, and what is wrong and requires changes.

Content creating

The foundation of your marketing strategy is content. Text, photos, and videos are the material and foundation for PPC advertisement, SEO, SMM. When it comes to text, that is the moment when you ask a copywriter to fill the site, create texts for SEO, create posts for Instagram and Facebook, other sites.

In general, content on your site or advertisement is the one and the only connection between you and your potential customer in a digital world. It’s highly important to provide only good content, as it creates your online reputation.

However, you cannot do it chaotically – that doesn't work. To promote your site and business online, you should create a content strategy, where separate elements work for one key goal.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media becomes everything today. People spend all the time on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms, social media became the first place for online marketing if you want to promote your site. The best thing for it is to create some content for your profiles, hire bloggers or company that will help you to write and speak about you and always leave something special for your site. Make content interchangeable, share on all platforms and do everything to attract visitors to your site, where they can get to know you better.

Not sure how to do it? Right, that is not so easy. You had better choose a team of specialists if you value your time and money. Even if you do not want to, you can create a team inside your company or do it by yourself. The most important thing here is at least to do something.

Website cost examples

If you still wonder, how much does a website cost, we will give you exact examples. The bigger and complex the product is, the more money you need for it.

Therefore, the cost to build a website like Facebook will be at least 20-30 thousands of dollars. Why? One social media network requires a huge server and costs to create a design, functionality and bring everything to life. Even more, the platform should work perfectly, be able to process a huge amount of users, keep the safety of all the data on the highest level.

When we talk about the cost to build a website like eBay, the pricing will be also high – you need at least 20K dollars. The site for e-commerce takes many resources, needs individual hosting, constant support. Speaking about the cost to build a website like legal zoom, it is the most expensive product. The site requires creating an attractive design, having enough information on the pages, and pop-up forms for connecting with clients and users.

But the most important thing here is that it can be called an application more than a simple site, as it can create documents for you. For that reason, such a product takes a lot of efforts and resources. To understand the average cost of website development, we can give you the next numbers, with a price of $35 dollars per one work hour:

Alt Text

Now you know all the details and secrets about website creation. Too much info, but you have to understand it if you do not want to be fooled by unfair specialists. It will also help you to understand what you need and how it can look according to your dreams but in reality.

Want to get more info? Leave us your contact info and get a quote ASAP – we are always here for you.

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