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Hi Brian! This article is great and I absolutely needed it seeing as I just completed editing a technical article I wrote. I was really conscious of a few things.

  • Making sure my language is not too technical and beginner friendly
  • Adding a handful of images or gifs like you mentioned
  • Also adding links that'll further explain the concept and writing about.

I had a few concerns and I'll like to know what you think.

When writing a post that has heavy technical content i.e code blocks. What do you recommend?

  • Having the entire code block in the article? an example using vue will you recommend adding the template, script, and style in the code block?
  • Adding only the relevant code for that paragraph and adding a link to the GitHub Repo.

Thanks Egwuenu! For the code blocks, if the entire block isn't relevant to the discussion, I'd include only the relevant portion and a link to GitHub for the full source. Sometimes I even replace irrelevant portions, like inner code on functions or elements, with a ..., though this should be used carefully as some may find it confusing if it hides a portion of code that would improve their understanding.

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