How Do You Keep Track of Awesome Resources?

Gift Egwuenu on October 15, 2018

Often times, I find awesome resources on the web, most of it I can't really read or skimp through at that moment. So what comes to my mind is to ei... [Read Full]
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I've been using Trello to save and organize all my different learning resources and it usually works really well for me.

This is a great repo, and I've got some backend resources that I'll get added over the next couple of days!


Thanks Stacy. I once used Trello for organizing my learning roadmap. Happy to have you contribute more backend resources :)


Awesome resource and idea!

I believe in backups, lots of forms of backups. So I use Notion's trello like template to save resources, export it here and there as a markdown file I put on various clouds (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, my local Nextcloud) as well as use a Trello board.

When I get time putting those resources up at (which also benefits other people)


I used IFTTT recipes and Trello. Previous to that a bunch of markdown files I tagged on Dropbox.


How do use IFTTT recipes? Can you share an example with me please.


Some recipes I've used

  • Label an email in gmail and it goes to my Trello board
  • If I hear something while at home, I used Amazon Alexa's app to place in my Trello or Reminders app

Very useful! Love to see more resources to be added.


I personally add all the links that I found very relevant in a .txt file hahaha


I add them to a link list on my blog, and the be super sure I do not lose them the VPS is imaged weekly.

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