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How Do You Keep Track of Awesome Resources?

lauragift21 profile image Gift Egwuenu ・2 min read

Often times, I find awesome resources on the web, most of it I can't really read or skimp through at that moment. So what comes to my mind is to either save it to Pocket or bookmark the link.

In all honesty, I hardly ever go back to those links due to some unforeseen reasons I can't tell. So an idea came to me why not create a repo on GitHub and have it open source where you can save those links you find and have them in several categories. Cool thing is other people get to contribute to that list too which is a double win for me.

That led me to creating this project called Awesome Learning Resources. I started off exactly 10 Months ago adding awesome resources i find on the web to this repo and up until now i have got over 200 resources on my list which i tend to check up now and then thanks to other contributors that contributes other resources to this repo too.

So why am i writing about this?

This is me basically saying all ideas counts as long as it helps you achieve a goal. This awesome list here is one that I can check out anytime to find cool resources at any time I even have a category called Sick Picks where I keep track of awesome things I find mindblowing on the web. The web is full of exciting things and I can't possibly digest all at a glance so one of the reasons I created this list is to act as a safe haven for all those great resources.

Please feel free to contribute resources you find that is awesome and can help other people learning about Web Development.

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Stacy Montemayor

I've been using Trello to save and organize all my different learning resources and it usually works really well for me.

This is a great repo, and I've got some backend resources that I'll get added over the next couple of days!

lauragift21 profile image
Gift Egwuenu Author

Thanks Stacy. I once used Trello for organizing my learning roadmap. Happy to have you contribute more backend resources :)

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thomashighbaugh profile image
Thomas Leon Highbaugh

Awesome resource and idea!

I believe in backups, lots of forms of backups. So I use Notion's trello like template to save resources, export it here and there as a markdown file I put on various clouds (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, my local Nextcloud) as well as use a Trello board.

When I get time putting those resources up at (which also benefits other people)

bzdata profile image

I used IFTTT recipes and Trello. Previous to that a bunch of markdown files I tagged on Dropbox.

gregorys100 profile image
Gregory Sequeira

How do use IFTTT recipes? Can you share an example with me please.

bzdata profile image

Some recipes I've used

  • Label an email in gmail and it goes to my Trello board
  • If I hear something while at home, I used Amazon Alexa's app to place in my Trello or Reminders app
yo profile image

Very useful! Love to see more resources to be added.

oksanaborukh profile image
Oksana Borukh

I've used Trello, Pocket, MeisterTask and Padlet.

david_j_eddy profile image
David J Eddy

I add them to a link list on my blog, and the be super sure I do not lose them the VPS is imaged weekly.

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

I personally add all the links that I found very relevant in a .txt file hahaha