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The Benefits of Owning a Personal Blog

Gift Egwuenu on October 28, 2019

As developers, We always tend to look up solutions to a bug or error on Google and half the time we do this we are redirected to a blog written by ... [Read Full]
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Blogging is super important, and not just stuff about tech either.

We all need practice with our writing and personal blogging is a good way to practice.

The POSSE thing is something that I've liked. I run a blog in a small DO droplet, running a Ghost container - but I cross-post to I like that they make it easy to import your published posts (just find your blog's RSS feed and add it to your profile).

tl;dr: Blog more. It's good for you.


Learning New Tech

Definitely agree - and I think this is often missed when people think about blogging. Some of my best learning experiences have come from learning about a topic so that I could write about it.

Nothing shows you the gaps in your knowledge quite like trying to teach a topic!

Great post, thanks :)


Thanks Chris!

I learn new technologies every time through blogging and It has really helped my career.


The whole "Sharing Knowledge" part is what I tell my colleagues when they ask me why do I blog. Not to mention the times I found my own articles on Google... 😁

Also, there are endless advantages of creating your own blogging platform. I'm gonna list 3:

  1. You are building your own blogging tool the way you want and go crazy with it using your technology of choice.
  2. Granted you made the code public, you can skip some steps in interviews. That's good especially for people who don't really contribute to open source.
  3. You can always refactor the code and write about it.

Thanks for the additional points! I agree with all your points :)


Talking about platforms, I found JAMstack approach adorable. It could be super helpful when one is considering having one's content consumed on diverse devices, needless to do the "dirty works" in setting a blog.


Love the post. It's important to share things, especially early, as it seems to help Google (and others) find you.

I have been blogging for years and find that it sharpens my thoughts and makes it easier to point to accomplishments (it's one thing to say "I've worked with terraform", it's another to say "Ah, I posted about Terraform and multiple environments in Aug of 2019, you should check it out").

I wrote my own perspective on starting blogging here:


Thank you for sharing, your post actually inspired me to revamp my personal site and start a technical blog. I can't wait to put this into practice and start sharing my experience on :)


A lot of ideas from what I have learnt here, Thank you so much.

For me, it helps solidify what I already know, or what I just learnt. I just write it out in the simplest form and way possible.


Thanks Nedy! I'm glad this post resonates with you :)


Thanks for the motivation :D!
I just started writing content in and the next goal is to create my own domain. Definitely will put your tips to use.


After reading this, I will finally start my personal blog about #erp and #architecture. I Know I do love sharing things but always wondering about the time !

Thank you for that great post


Awesome! I'm glad this post was helpful.

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