A Primer on SEO

Laurie on June 03, 2019

Last week I polled the twitterverse about their knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Laurie ... [Read Full]
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I’m an SEO professional working on transitioning to developer career and I can say this primer is right on the money. Thanks for writing it up for the devs who need it!


So glad to hear it! And best of luck with the transition. I'm sure you're gonna kill it.


Thanks for your article, Laurie!

I think I didn't get the point about canonical_url. As you say, this post appears on two sites (tenmilesquare.com, the "origin" I guess and dev.to). Shouldn't the canonical_url of the post appearing on dev.to point to tenmilesquare.com?


Ya, about that. It was meant to. I published there first. And then forgot to add it into the front matter here before I published 🙃. Only just realized yesterday. But my technology consultant post is done that way if you want an example!


Ah great, thanks for your answer! Just had a look at your technology consultant post. And I'm de-confused! =)


Thanks for sharing this advice. I am currently optimizing my blog, and I do not know where to start. It seems like a great idea to use canonical_urls on all my dev.to posts, which I already have set up. I'd love to read more from you about the topic. Again, thanks for sharing.


The canonical url is a more advanced technique, but if you syndicate your blog (post it in multiple places) it’s important so your site doesn’t get dinged.
On page SEO is pretty simple and there are millions of articles on this.
The two key things to look at is Keywords (what people actually search for) and back links. Who links to you site/pages.


Google Webmasters just released this, too. Could be helpful: A video series on SEO myths for web developers -webmasters.googleblog.com/2019/06/...


That update timing though 👀

Great post - It was really great to have everything in a single location for once and not scattered across 16 different tabs.


Great post Laurie.
The hardest thing is knowing where to start and this is a great place to start.


thank you for the post and what SEO do you use like Yoast and the lot?

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