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Nevertheless, Eva Coded... again!

Last year I shared the story of my first steps as a teenage developer... in the 80's of last century! This year I wish to brag about a different kind of accomplishment.

After 20+ years of middle management positions, where I talked a lot about the software lifecycle but I did not develop it myself, I have found a way to make my brain focus for long enough to be able to code again.

For the last 2 years, in my spare time, I have become a happy junior-ish JavaScript / node.js developer. The first thing I did was the 21st century version of a simple game that I built when I was 16 (swapping Turbo Pascal for JavaScript /jQuery, of course). And I take pride in having a handful of live Alexa Skills.

So, there. Should I lose my middle management job, I have transferrable skills. And I think that's awesome.

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