How do you decorate, and customize your computer?

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I recently just bought the laptop I am typing on right now, thus, (I always wanted to use "thus") I haven't had time to put my own custom "deco" on it.

On my last computer, my brother had been throwing out a bunch of old National Geographic maps, so I cut one to the size of my screen and glued it on. lol

Even worse, afterwards because I needed my raspberry pi for a project, I taped a raspberry pi zero to the back of it, and then taped a USB plug to the back to power it with the port on my laptop. Surprisingly, its still on nice and firm!

But, before I totally ruin my computer, I was wondering, How do you all customize yours?

Have fun!

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The way I know I'm not a Real Developerβ„’: I don't do anything to decorate the outside of my computers. Then again, I wouldn't decorate a hammer or a pair of pliers, either.


My laptops, with stickers. Lots of.

My desktop computer's always following a clean external look, with the occasional LED inside.

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