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Koos, a decentralised social network

About a month ago, I came across this website that offered bounties for work on open-source, often ethereum-based project. It was the middle of the Grow Ethereum hackathon. I was fascinated!


I went on r/programming_buddies to find a bunch of people, called my graphic designer friends, and there we goes! The beginning were a little bit bumpy - even though we all knew our shits, collaboration can be hard, especially when placed in a situation of urgency. Looking back, I think we should have been way more incremental - implement a feature, write tests, repeat.

But at the end, we managed to come up with Koos, a decentralised social network based on Fluence and IPFS. You can visit it at

Not gonna lie, this is nothing more than a Proof of Concept. It kinda work, but to have something solid I would need to write tests, re-factor / simplify quite a lot of code

But still, I earned a bounty, learned to organise a project, discover loads of cool new technologies (3box, Aragon, Fluence, Arweave,...) and have been part of a global communities of like-minded people building cool stuffs :)

So, it's friday night, I'm going to disconnect for the week-end - between my programming job and my side-project, I didn't take the time to do simple things like walking in nature, reading or swimming, and scarified a bit of my quality of life.

But still, it's fulfilling to have done something cool! And who knows, maybe I'll find people to help me fix the tech debt and add feature, so we can have a full-flavored decentralized social network in which people could communicate, meet, trade and exchange without limits!

You are welcome to help us! Check out our contribute page.

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