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Scrimba's Javascriptmas Challenges

While going through the Front End Developer program at scrimba, a friend pointed me to the Edabit interactive challenge website. After spending some time going through many challenges, I discovered how wonderful they can be especially if they are beyond your present understanding and skills. Through this I have gained a handhold in higher order functions by studying others' solutions. Note that you cannot see the solutions until you have solved the challenge yourself. While they may not be up to best practices in that the solutions are very complicated, it is a wonderful way to ponder chaining functions to achieve a solution. There is also a lot art here to be appreciated, and I do.
Scrimba had a wonder daily challenge, JavaScriptMas which I enjoyed first thing each morning as they were presented daily. Below are the daily links to the solutions presented.
I feel that I cannot get enough!

Day 1 Deposit/Profit

Day 2 Candies

Dec 3 chunkyMonkey

Dec 4 CenturyFromYear

Dec 5 reverseAString

Dec 6 sortByLength

Dec 7 countVowelConsonant

Dec 8 dieFace

Dec 9 sumOddFibonacciNumbers

Dec 10 adjacentElementsProduct

Dec 11 avoidObsticles

Dec 12 validTime

Dec 13 extractEachKth

Dec 14 arrayMaximalAdjacentDifference

Dec 15 Carousel

Dec 16 insertDashes

Dec 17 differentSymbolsNaive

Dec 18 arrayPreviousLess

Dec 19 alphabetSubsequence

Dec 20 domainType

Dec 21 sumOfTwo

Day 22 extractMatrixComumn

Day 23 tweetCharCounter

Day 24 Test Your Agility

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