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How to customize the keycloak email

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We are currently working with Keycloak as auth provider, one of the questions that is not that trivial to get the information about how to customize the emails that Keycloak.

  1. How can I show the company logo in the email? > The best solution to add images is to host it somewhere and just use the link for the image.
  • What other solutions that I try:
    • Add a base 64 images in to the email, but this is not a perfect solution.
    • Create a resources folder and access the image from the email by ${url.resourcePath}/img/myImage.jpg but this is not working.

2-. In the reset password email get the user first name or username in the email.

In the email you have access to the user ${msg("greetingMessage", user.firstName, user.lastName)?no_esc}

  • Remember all this is in the custom theme that you create you can have a look at this Theme-sample

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