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I'm still in college so i'm at that stage where I'm thinking what kind of company for a first job. From multiple internships:

  • Tools and frameworks will always be changing so it's not the main concern for me. The main thing i like to learn from working is thought processes, why a certain architecture for software development, and problem solving skills.

  • Team with other people in software and product to bounce ideas off them. I think this one comes down to personality. I feel it's faster to learn from more experienced people rather than google everything myself and spend hours, when i can ask more experienced people in team how they've solved certain issue. It's super important for growth as a junior dev!

  • Startup vs huge company: Startup should move faster in terms of product dev with less needs of approval before feature additions / modifications / approval / release. You'd usually also have more chances to direct the project and implement your ideas/thoughts vs a larger co.


Totally agreed.
And as a comment from the 3 points you did:

  • Even though your point is really true, the framework/new technologies I mention are more from the "fun/new challenges" perspective. Of course we are working, but it's exciting to learn and use the new amazing things that this beautiful community is always creating.

  • I'm also with you on this, but I save the asking to another one part more to emergency situations ( I really don't know what I'm doing, need to ask someone else ). But learning from other people it's so important, it's actually priceless.

  • I haven't had the chance to work for a bigger company, but this is so true.. it's so fun growing with a team in a startup and see your little child growing to be a successful big piece of software. And the freedom really helps you learn, try stuff and build confidence (errors are not so bad or make someone lose a lot of money when you are still building the tool)

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