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2018 Retrospective - Highlights of my personal developer year

lechenco profile image Gabriel Lechenco ・3 min read

That's my first article here in, what makes me write here was to force myself to journal my experiences as a Computer Engineering student and as a developer and to improve my English and writing skills. So, to my first text, I wanna to share with you the main achievements and events that I pass by in 2018.


First of all, I'm very glad that I and a couple of friends could create this project. The LogiCat is a project that introduces children to programming logic and teaches then how to make a program using the Scratch. Beyond that, the main objective was to assist the kids to develop creative and logical skills, as well as collaborate with each other. This work was made with kids between 7 and 9 years old over the year. On last week each double exhibit an own final project using the tools that were mentioned during the lessons.

My First Open Source Contribute

In 2018 I resolve to contribute to the Open Genius - COSMOS repository, which aims to be "your personal offline collection of every algorithm and data structure one will ever encounter and use in a lifetime". I get really nervous after make a Pull Request for they can merge my implementation of a Von Neumann Cellular automaton that I must confess, was a lot of fun to code. Then, I was very happy when I received a positive answer, support the community it's really great and I hope to do much more over soon.

Operation Rondon 2018

Particularly I love to engage with volunteer work, and in this year I have the opportunity of work for two weeks in the town of Sertaneja which a team of almost 20 college students in the Operation Rondon 2018. During this days we make workshops to introduce the local people to different subjects, like informatics concepts, programming logic with kids (I kind of short demonstration of the LogiCat), basic electricity, health-related topics, and many others. In addition to community cinema and interviews to rescue the local history.

This Operation was great to meet new peoples and to help those who are in a less favorable situation.

Home Automation Project

With my graduation coming to the final stretch, the projects begin to get more complex. In part, the professors ask for deeper research and more robust prototypes, and on the other hand, the students want to develop a good and practical system applying all the knowledge accumulated until now.

So, for one of my class, my group decide to implement a system capable to control the environment nearby with a common smartphone. With a NodeMCU in hands, the thingSpeak server and a bunch of hours building the circuit and the Android's interface the system was working reasonably well. This experience teaches me how to organize the development of a complex system and how to deal with the pressure of things not working the way they should.

Embraer's Interview

Even with everything that happens over 2018, the best experience was to travel to an industrial pole and been interviewed to an internship vacancy in one of the biggest national enterprises on the country and who develop and build planes which flying around the world.

This day was intense and incredible, since the 9-hours bus trip until the interview itself, which was simple and without those classic questions of the human resources. I was able to meet other developers who are also finishing their degree and looking for a job. This gave me inspiration and I was able to know the level of professionals that the market expects, certainly, I will be more prepared for my next interview.


2018 was a really good year, and I expect 2019 will be even better. For this, as a new years resolution, I will focus this year on my weakness and improve my developers and logical skills as a whole. For this year I will:

Improve my English

Mainly my written skills, that's the reason why I am written this and the next texts.

Learn JavaScript

I realize that there is no escape for that. The actual developer world breath JS, so I have to learn how to code this until the end of the year.

Project Euler

To improve my logical and mathematics abilities I will start to solve challenges from the Project Euler and the HackerHank websites.

I think that's it, my first article. Thanks for reading and feel invited to discuss and comment below.

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Kingsten Banh

Thanks for sharing! Congrats on making a contribution to the OS project :D

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