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Compilers 105 - Back End Overview

Once the front end has done its work its time for the back end components to take over.

This is the fifth my compiler series and the first on the back end. I covered the parts of the compiler that are called the front end in these posts:

Compilers 101 – Overview and Lexer
Compilers 102 – Parser
Compilers 103 – Semantic Analyzer
Compilers 104 – IR Generation

Back End

The components of the back end take the IR that was generated by the last step of the front end (IR Generation) and emit executable code, which is machine language in the case of Xojo.

The rest of the posts in this series will cover the back end as it pertains to LLVM. Specifically, the components are:

  • Optimizer
  • Code Generation
  • Linker

Stay tuned!

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