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Discussion on: Web Tracking IS GOOD

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Mike Author

Well, these are some serious doomsday scenarios. Maybe you shouldn't use the internet since someone could potentially control your entire home from it someday.

Thanks for sharing your opinion and adding to the conversation!

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In China, your "social score", is affected by your internet history: from certain keywords in chats, search history which may include international news about China, searching for China historical info, etc. people are subject to punishments, from blacklists to services, difficulty to lease property, get jobs, etc.

In other absolutist countries political dissidents are imprisoned. You think governments are collecting data from everyone to target your ads?. US gov intercepted internet communications of Brazil for years, you know, to catch all those Brazilian terrorist... I bet the pentagon was trying to know what brand of TP to advertise to Brazilians.

In Venezuela, based only on their online presence many officials where fired and in 2014 Twitter users where arrested for their Tweets.

It's not like companies have change elections based in collected data (FB/Cambridge Analytica) or given tools to countries to alter others elections, with targeted adds and FB posts.

And of course nobody is taking control of your home, is not like some company give access to authorities to take over your webcam (who said Ring?).

Sorry to burst your bubble, but what you say it "may happen" already did and still happen, your "doomsday" was a couple of years ago. The world is a bit bigger, and apparently a lot harsher, than Indiana.