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Modern Java Programming Course For Beginners

Java is constantly adding new features and improvements to keep it at the top. Unfortunately, a lot of courses and learning materials are not up to date with the current trends.
If you are just starting out in Java or want a refresher course on Modern Java then this course would be beneficial to you.

🔗Modern Java Course

What's Inside?

In the course, we start with Jshell instead of using an IDE. This would help beginners because the simplicity of Jshell helps students focus on the code and not how to operate the IDE. An IDE would be introduced later in the course.

Programming concepts are explained with animations and real-life examples. You get to understand why certain things are done and not just how.

We introduce modern Java features such as the use of var for type inference.

A lot of programmers dive into Android development without learning the core fundamentals of Java thereby resulting in a rough learning experience. This course is designed to give you a good start in that learning journey.

🔗Modern Java Course

The course is available to you the Dev community 💙 at a 67% discount :)

Learn modern Java and add it to your toolbox ☕

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