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Discussion on: Golang or Rust, that is the question.

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leob • Edited on

I didn't say OO, I said FP hehe ;-) although Rust supports OO as well.

Well yes like I said, Rust has a steep learning curve so I can imagine your initial reaction. You need to put in some time and effort to overcome that initial hurdle.

But I can promise you, until they add generics to Golang you will just be doing lots of old fashioned procedural programming there, coding for loops until you see blue in the face. No more map/filter/reduce for you, like you used to be able to use in Javascript ... that was probably my biggest disappointment about Golang.

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Atomzwieback Author

Would love to see a Jetbrains dedicated IDE for Rust as they did it for Golang with "Goland".

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Are you a VSCode user? I think VSCode works with Rust ... I've used Jetbrains products before but I've switched completely to VSCode, except for some occasional (now rare) Java work for which I use Eclipse ...

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Steve Pryde

The Rust plugin for IntelliJ is fantastic, and does some things better than VS Code, such as automatic imports (my favourite feature!). VS Code is very good too however and I do like the progress on rust-analyzer.

That said, the Go plugin for IntelliJ is also really nice too.