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Great write-up ... the Mac "tools" (or programs, really) that I love personally are:

  • uBar: adds a Linux/Windows like taskbar which for me takes away the annoyance of window/task management on OSX (only the Dock and Mission Control is too frustrating for me, drives me crazy ... don't start a discussion with a Mac purist on this!)

  • DaisyDisk: lets you find out what the heck is eating so much space on your harddrive and reclaim that space. Easy and very powerful tool.

  • Apptivate: handy tool to define keyboard shortcuts to launch applications

uBar is paid (I believe it costs $10 or something like that), but it's well worth it for me. DaisyDisk is 'semi free' (pay a small amount to get rid of a startup message which makes you wait a bit). Apptivate is free.

All these programs are simple and have a zero learning curve.

Apart from these the 'tool' I use the most is the bash shell (Terminal).

I haven numerous other 'utility' programs installed but I could just as well delete them, never using them.


There's a free alternative for DaisyDisk: Disk Inventory X


Does it work as well as DaisyDisk? I found DaisyDisk to work extremely well, and tbh I'm using it for free ...

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