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re: Mint - A refreshing programming language for the front-end web VIEW POST


Okay, so why not Elm? A fairly well established strongly typed language that compiles to JS and does most things that you mention ...


Thanks for the comment!

I'm going to write a more lengthy post about it, but in short:

I used Elm for a while, it is a nice developer experience. It made me realize that there is a better way to develop things. I tried to expand that ecosystem and contribute to the community (check out my Github repositories if like) but it didn't turn out well, since my vision is different then their core teams.

But in my experience (and opinion) it's really restricting (both development and community wise), it has a lot of unnecessary boilerplate an doesn't address the main issues well:

  • there are no components, everything is a function
  • there is no local state so reusing logic is difficult
  • styling, routing, testing is done with a third party package
  • it is more academic then useful, for example there are more data structure packages and less UI / component like packages
  • it is constantly changes with every release, things that are working fine are refactored for reasons I cannot fathom
  • interacting with Web APIs which don't have an official package is a hard

I could probably go on for a while but so I'll stop now :)


Elm is a pure FP language, which is clearly not for everyone, that's probably the issue. Thanks for this incredible project (Mint lang), putting together a completely new programming language with all of the tooling around it ... impressive!

Question: how does this work with things like React, Virtual DOM, etcetera? Could you write React apps in Mint?

(however it's not recommended yet for production purposes? "Mint is currently in alpha stage, although it's usable for testing purposes")


Umm, and how does Mint overcome these, especially the small ecosystem challenge? It's worth noting that Elm can be incrementally added to your application in <script> tags, so I'm not sure if there are big issues with Elm.

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