Getting started with Elm

leojpod on March 21, 2017

Elm is a great functional language that brings this paradigm to the front-end world. In this post, I will try to report on my first steps ... [Read Full]
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concerning elm-reactor: you can get css/etc. in there by just writing a usual html file (embedding the elm-app like you would do in production but linking with '_compile/Main.elm' instead of a compiled .js file

after you can just load this html file in elm-reactor and it will compile the elm-module as you are used to

the only downsides are that you have to have the resources somewhere under the current directory (if not a symlink will help) and that you don't get the same nice errors directly in elm-reactor (the app will just not load)

so aside from the live-reloading you can get most of this with the reactor right now


Yes thank you for mentioning that!
This post was written about 3 months ago when I was starting with Elm and my understanding of elm-reactor was a bit so so.
I found out since then that I was selling elm-reactor quite short.

That being said, I love the easiness of use of elm-live and it's still my go-to tool when I start writing some elm before going to a webpack build.

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