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A React toolkit - mini applications serie.

Hey everyone,

I am building Reactirator an opensource React project manager for some months now. I must admit I am kind of proud of my work because this is my first desktop application even if everything is far from perfect!
For this reason I want to share my knowledges and what I've learnt by building Reactirator.
Hence, I will be making posts in the future about how build some of the features of Reactirator.
This will be detached from the Reactirator context because we won't use Electron, basically this will be a serie of mini react / node application.

This is also going to be a challenge to myself, writing and explaination aren't my best skills ! So, my goal is to write consistently and improve my writing skills in english and maybe doing this will help me re-think about the application to improve it !

Before explaining what is the serie plan, let me explain what is reactirator.

What is this ?

Reactirator is a desktop application built with Electron using TypeScript, React and Node. It has two parts:

  • The app creator: You will find an installation process where you can select famous React configurations/features, look for packages, pre-generate folders and components etc.


  • The app manager: basically it is a task runner, start your development server, launch your build process or install new dependencies, update their version etc.


This is a desktop app, so all you have to do is toggle switchs, push on buttons or type some packages name to find new one and have visual output about each task results.

I won't go deeper into the project description because well there is a readme for this!

What's the plan ?

Reactirator has quite a lot of different tools, some are more "React focused" while others are more about communication with the Node.js server. Reactirator also has some upcoming features to speak about.

I made a small list of things that come to my mind for now, it is susceptible to change and grow over the time.

There you go, hopefully it will interest some React developpers (wheter you are a beginner or not) or give some ideas about cool application you can do! And I would be happy to heard your feedback about all of this!

If you're interested by Reactirator and want to contribute, you're welcome: .

Have a good day.

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