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Create-react-app or Vite ?

Hey there,

I am not too familiar with vite but I've explored a bit and as of today there are many developers promoting the use of vite instead of create-react-app to build React projects.
The main argument in favor of vite is that it is blazing fast compared to CRA.
I feel more and more concerned by the growing adoption of vite instead of CRA since I'm building Reactirator and I consider to add support for vite and maybe choose it as the default choice.

In order to take the best possible choice, I'm questionning the community.
So what is your preference, vite or Create-react-app ? Whats are the reasons ?

Thanks a lot by advance to people engaging in this discussion!

Have a good day.

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I choose vite, the configuration file is simpler and the build is faster.

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Ivan Jeremic

Yes Vite over CRA

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busyxiang • Edited

Definitely vite, easy to configure and a lot of plugins for you to handle setting up your project