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Discussion on: Portfolio Feedback

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Lesley Lai • Edited on

Hi, Milena. Nice portfolio! It is a lot more stylish than mine :-). And I am really impressed with your portrait.

The color contrast for the nav menu text is low (on Desktop), so you probably want to make the text darker. You can use some audit websites to check your contrast. On mobile devices, the text in menu themselves are too small and they are too tightly packed.

For projects, you should have some text descriptions for each. It is hard to convince people to click your GitHub link if they are not already interested. I put a few paragraphs for each project of my portfolio. Also, your "expanding card" animation is a bit distracting IMO (especially since it shifts the alignment of the nearby cards), so consider making it a bit more lightweight.

I think you should keep your contact page. Some people use a web email client and it is annoying for them to open some websites in order to contact you.

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Milena Martinez Caceres Author

Thanks for your feedback I did some changes now 😊