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My updated custom React workflow (2nd Edition) is here

react workflow second edition

Update December 3, 2018: There were some issues along the way due to breaking changes in Babel 7 which affected Jest, React, and ESLint. Unless you are using create-react-app, your workflow might have to be adjusted depending on what support you want to provide in any given application. I have brought all resources together in the repository for the second edition of my custom React Workflow on Github. Please visit issues to learn more.

Some of you may know that I created a custom workflow last year without using create-react-app*8, but ***emulating* its core features. I then gave a presentation at the React NYC Meetup. The organizers thought it too long, and I was not able to finish the presentation live, but that was OK! I had created the presentation with reveal.js, and the complete workflow documentation was included there. To view the first edition of my custom React workflow (now a bit outdated), please visit the React Workflow Presentation repository.

I became focused on deeper dives into Javascript (without React, don’t ask lol), Nodejs, and backend, so my focus turned away from React for a bit.

When I came back to update some React apps and other JS related things, I saw that much had changed. And that’s when I decided to update the first edition of my workflow so I could catch up to what was happening in the JavaScript hemisphere!

I just completed the workflow last night. As I write in my project associated with the repository,

This is the second edition of a custom workflow I created for my React
applications, incorporating changes that took place in React 16.6.3, ESLint
5.9.0, Babel 7, and Webpack 4. This is not meant as an all inclusive example
of what has changed in those dependencies/devDependencies. Hopefully it will
encourage others to take a deeper dive into them and expand their horizons as
developers. I know that creating this deck expanded my horizons, and I had
loads of fun learning new things along the way.

I also encourage those who decide to try out my workflow to let me know how it goes! I want to be able to improve upon my implementations and documentations going forward. And if you have any issues or questions, please create them in the issues section of the repository! Thanks!

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