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OOP and Interview

Hello, i know the fact everyone will say : "Hey it's a concept so don't matter language is the same concept no different", but how truly can be that?

For example i'm come from Php world so concept like : Destruct are not used many case ,same for polimorhics.

So final question it's ,should i learn teoretic concept in general or should i learn from a typical language, like i don't know ,java?

I think we can build together a list of common questions and ... depate what mean every concept, it's a good ideas or not?

For example first of all :

Difference between Class and Object.
A little discution :
Difference between Interface and Abstract.
A little clasification every one can see here :

The reason why i ask it's not because i'm lazy(or maybe i'm) it's because i think a junior, average programmer, senior programmr even a arhitect programmer can give a different response, each one!

Aaaa, a strange question if i can exepline design patter i'm average(medium programmer) or it's just like , i'm close to the path of became average programmer? Thanks.

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Rosber Guedes

The designer pattern is independent. Be associated with the architect project (variable of the project to project). You should analyze and apply the patterns, according to the need of the project or business rule.

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