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How to Make Charts SEO-Friendly?

levz0r profile image Lev ・1 min read


I was breaking my head trying to understand what is the best way to structurize the data behind the following chart so it would be more "understandable" to search engines.
I checked most of the entities in but still not sure what are the best to choose.

Alt Text

Any help will be appreciated!



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Alex Boutin

I would suggest a library like D3 to handle such data (Or Kendo if you want to invest some money) since they offer a good way to display data in charts and grids.
See exemples here on Github

Or this Codepen :

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Lev Author

Hey Alex, thanks for your comment!

It seems that the data is not optimised for SEO as well... So for example if one searches for the number of seats the "radical left" has, I doubt google will know it is 41, according to the HTML of the example above...

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Alex Boutin

Hi Lev,

I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood you question I first. I'm not familiar with building SEO friendly code but I'll see if I can find anything.

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Deigo do Futuro

Maybe you can put this content as a table (to became a featured snippet), basically you have to put the keywords inside the main tags of the table, but remember, this part of SEO is about to have the right keywords in the content. This is my 2 cents.