Discussion on: How do you keep good posture while sitting?

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Liana Felt (she/her)

I think those back braces do work because it prevents you from slouching. I've used a yoga strap to do the same thing but never have tried for the entire day - seems like it could get annoying. I love sitting on my exercise ball which helps keep better posture too and is super fun.

Theres also these new devices: uprightpose.com that will vibrate when you slouch. I keep getting ads for them but haven't tried them.

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Félix Dion-Robidoux

Lol I'm not gonna pay 80 bucks for a thing I put on my back to tell me to not slouch. I'm getting some Juicero vibes from this product.

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Chris C

I see those crazy ads for that thing you put on your back. Seems odd to me. I think there are some decently priced standing desks if you want that. Sometimes I just need to get up and make sure I'm walking away from my desk at work a couple of times per day, stretch, etc.

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Andy Zhao (he/him) Author

Hmm might do the yoga strap!