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Any ex-Java Gophers on

Lili Z
Years and years of Java development. Now building One Stop Beauty Online. Still loads of Java, plus other new toys.
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If you are an experienced Java developer who used to like Java (that one is important!) and made a transition to Go - I would love you to share your thoughts / experience.

  • What was your rationale to switch?
  • What were the most painful moments when things just wouldn't "click"?
  • What were the moments of "aha!" when suddenly things became easier?
  • What are things that somehow translate from Java but maybe not in an obvious way?
  • What are the "banana skins"/traps waiting for an ex-Java dev to fall into?
  • Which Java habits are difficult but important to un-learn?
  • Are there any areas/use cases which you still would reach for Java instead of Go?
  • Are there any areas/use cases which you could never go back to Java instead of Go?
  • What would you tell yourself at the beginning of this journey?
  • Any other hints and thoughts for a freshly born Gopher? Alt Text

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Lili Z Author

Okay, answering my own question in case someone ends up here ;)
Not Java specific, but good article on common gotchas/misunderstandings in Go:
I'll add more links I come across outside of the standard docs.

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David Harrison

Hi! I just tried out GoLang for implementing a REST CRUD API against mongodb. It was very positive first project. I wrote a little bit about it on

I've done a tons of Java and Groovy but decided to Go, based on the raving reviews it gets from some fellow developers. I was pleasantly surprised! I'll definitely learn some more and expand on the initial experience.