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Discussion on: Good Linux distros for new users.

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Lilian Anatolie Moraru

These are Debian-based, indeed, but it so happens that these are the distros most friendly to new users.
While Fedora is a good distro(for example), I would not recommend it to new users... Their videos will not play “for some reason” and their Nvidia graphics driver does not work “for some reason” - that user will not want to touch Linux ever again, because of that experience. Not everybody is technical.

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Sviatoslav Sydorenko

Well, it looks like they do so at a cost of making other users' experience bad. For example:

Besides, the reason Nvidia drivers don't work is usually Nvidia.

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Bhawesh Kumar Author

Explained better than I could, thankyou

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Praneet Kumar

It's not like fedora can't play videos, I'm using fedora workstation from fedora 29 as a daily driver on my laptop, I've never ran into any problem related to media playback whether it's a video or audio file.