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Nevertheless, Elodie Coded

In 2001, I got to discover (in a quite random way) how to make a website and it was just a hobby at this time.

Actually, while I was studying English and Spanish in college (and even earlier than that), I worked on my first pages with Front Page (I agree, not as awesome as VSCode!), but this is how it started.

Few years later and since my professional career looked like a dead-end; after a long research I did a coding bootcamp about 3 years ago.

With new ways to write code (Git, new IDEs, Linux...), "thinking in code"; I found my purpose and every piece of the puzzle started to fit into each other.

18 years later after my first pages and lines of code, I can't believe how much technology and languages have evolved.

Now, I keep on working on a language I used to hate a long time ago - that I am loving more and more while almost everyone find it "outdated" (PHP), with new tools (Symfony, Composer, Symfony Components...) and that doesn't stop me to learn/discover other languages that I barely used until then.

I continued to code in 2019 because...

-I wanted to
-I love creating things, and not just visual ones!
-I love keep on learning
-this is what I love doing!

I deserve credit for...

-participating to several hackathons
-done some PRs for some open-source projects (including Hacktoberfest)
-building projects on my own and helping others (if/when they need help)

I hope to see my developer/tech community...

-having more and more female developers
-more respectful and more honest towards each other (#buildupdevs)
-doing more workshops, meetups and events

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