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Lessons When Scaling From 0 - 130 Devs w/ Kirby Frugia of MURAL

MURAL has gone through enormous growth in the past two years and Kirby Frugia, VP of Engineering, joins the Dev Interrupted podcast to discuss the ins and outs of rapidly scaling engineering organizations. We go through the entire 0 to 100+ developer scale-up journey, dig into how he keeps the flow of information stable across teams, as well as the open source methods he uses to help onboard new employees.

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Episode Highlights include:

  • How an engineering organization changes after its first funding round
  • What it means to go from 0 to 130 devs and how to lead this change successfully
  • The open source methods Kirby uses at MURAL to onboard new team members
  • Pitfalls to avoid when scaling up an engineering organization
  • How to think about visibility and metrics as you scale

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